Summer e-vignette information

Summer has arrived and lots of people are on the road, many of whom do not otherwise use toll roads during the year at all. Due to holiday and transit traffic, motorways are significantly busier at this time of the year, so it is worth reviewing what you need to keep in mind when purchasing your vignettes to avoid incurring excess charges. The most important information can be summarised in two sentences: E-vignettes must be paid for before you enter the toll road section (it’s a practical move to do it before you begin your trip). Prior to making your payment, always check that the registration number, the country code, the category and the validity period of the vignette are correct.

New customer service office in Budapest for the benefit of motorists

Based on the experience gained last year in connection with changes in the e-vignette system, and taking customer demands into consideration, National Toll Payment Services Plc decided to open a new customer service office in Budapest, in the South-Pest area. Opening the new office means that from now on, in a network covering the whole country, 18 customer service offices of NTPS will offer services to customers who want to purchase e-vignettes, pay road toll in the HU-GO system, or take care of issues that require them to personally visit an office.

Customer Service Office opening hours during the holidays

Dear Customers, Our Customer Service Office opening hours during the holidays between 24 December 2015 and 1 January 2016 are as follows: