Two-thirds of drivers buy e-vignettes only at fuel stations

Last year, customers contacted National Toll Payment Services (NTPS) Plc in 450,000 cases in some shape or form to request assistance with or information about matters related to road use authorizations. Despite this high number, the range of services offered by NTPS is still only known to a few, as shown by a survey conducted in 2016. It is astounding that only a third of the respondents were aware of the possibility to buy e-vignettes at NTPS Customer Service Offices.

Clerical errors in registration numbers and country codes can now be corrected also at Rajka and Hegyeshalom

Our Company’s points of sale at Rajka and Hegyeshalom are featuring a new service: our colleagues can now correct clerical errors in registration numbers and country codes on the spot if there is no excess charge associated with the specific case yet.

Things to look out for at the end of the year when buying a vignette

Year’s end, Christmas holidays and New Year’s Eve is slowly upon us and lots of people are on the road, many of whom do not otherwise use toll roads during the year at all.