In accordance with Section 33/B. § (8) of the Kkt, the authority entitled to control the right of the use of roads shall be the National Toll Payment Services. NÚSZ Zrt is committed to making sure that the rate of those using the road network without purchasing the proper rights/unauthorisedly be as low as possible.

The right to use the roads is checked by registration numbers.The rightful use of the road shall be verified by the electronic sales registry and the control slip. Upon electronic payment of the toll (text message, online, mobile applications), the confirmation message shall be considered as the verification. Please carefully check the provided data prior to payment!

If upon control, a vehicle does not have the necessary right specified for the vehicle in question, it is considered unauthorized use of the road, which results in penalty. If you have a valid right to use a toll road in a lower toll category, you have to pay the difference between the cheaper category and the payable category, and no extra fee shall be charged in accordance with Section 33/B § (9) of the Kkt.

Valid right to use the toll road can be checked at any point of the road network, including resting areas located directly alongside the toll roads, as well as all intersections, which are only accessible only from toll roads.

Our company checks the payment of the tolls with fixed cameras, mobile control units and mobile stop units.

Please make sure that you pay the relevant toll in time, that is prior to entering the roads! Later payment of the toll (even only a couple of minutes later) shall result in penalty.

If you drive on a toll road without valid right to use the road, it shall be considered unauthorised use of the road and shall result in penalty!

(During road closures and traffic restrictions, the authorities shall be entitled to specify sections of toll roads as bypasses, which can be used toll-free for a temporary period of time. The roads are only toll-free in the specified section, and not throughout the entire road, thus in such cases, the first exit shall be taken, and the road shall be left.)

Please note that you should not use the sales points located on toll roads for purchasing the right to use the road related to the current trip, but they serve as a convenience to purchase tickets for future trips. That is exaclty why control by mobile groups can as well be performed on the sales points located along the toll roads as any at other location. The intention to purchase the right to use toll roads shall not provide exemption from penalty.

The right to use the roads can be purchased in the following ways:

-        Electronic Customer Service

-        Customer Service

-        Mobile phone

-        Retailers