As the organisation designated to support toll control, National Toll Payment Services PLC performs the elimination of unauthorised road use without stopping traffic. Data required for the identification is collected using fixed units, as well as equipment installed on control vehicles designed for this 
purpose. There are 74 fixed portals installed on the toll road sections of expressways and main routes and an additional 100 vehicles perform continuous mobile control data collection.

The fixed toll control stations recognise and record tolling data of the vehicles passing through the cross-section. The vehicle-mounted mobile toll control units perform continuous data collection enabling them to control road-use authorisation anytime, at any point of the toll road network. Based on the data collected, it can be clearly determined if a specific vehicle has road-use authorisation for the given road section.

In order to avoid penalisation, be aware of the following

• Enter the correct number of axles when you attach or detach a trailer. For example, if you attach a trailer to a two-axle vehicle and now travel with four axles, you must change the J2 number of axles to J4; if you detach the trailer, you must reset the data to J2. Setting the
wrong number of axles results in a fine. The number of axles must be set before you begin your journey.
• Be sure you enter the license plate number and the belonging country code correctly, as the latter, in addition to the plate number, is the other important parameter for the identification of your vehicle, which cannot be changed retrospectively, after you have been fined.
• Be sure you purchase your route ticket before you begin road use! Route tickets provide authorisation only after payment; a ticket purchased retrospectively for the given road section qualifies as unauthorised road use, which results in a fine. A route ticket purchased
for one direction provides road use authorisation only for the planned route, for a one-time journey in one direction. When purchasing your route ticket, please double check whether you have entered your data correctly.
• You can accomplish your declaration and toll payment more simply and conveniently; however, there are still important things to be aware of. When paying the toll through your on-board unit, before you begin your journey please check whether the unit is turned on, functions correctly, is rendered to the relevant vehicle, and the available balance is sufficient for your journey.

Things to do after you have received a fine (appeal option)

You can easily avoid a fine by observing the rules. If you receive a letter informing you that you have been fined for unauthorised road use and would like to appeal, you can do so with the provisions included in the police letter.