Customer services

In order to use the below listed services, including fine administration, all private individuals acting other than as an owner or operator must possess an authorisation. In order to download the form to be filled in, click HERE. Those acting on behalf of a legal person may only launch the administration procedure in possession of a legal authorisation and a specimen signature. In case of fine administration and services used with an authorisation and for data reconciliation the authorised person shall present its identity documents.

The toll service directorate of the National Toll Payment Services PLC (NÚSZ Zrt.) operates a total of 20 customer service offices nationwide, which primarily perform standard customer service functions.

Please contact us with your e-vignette and e-toll related queries at our information line available from 8 am till 4 pm at +36 (36) 587-500.

You can also contact our customer service representatives with your e-vignette related questions via email at or in matters related to e-toll at the email address.

The list of the customer service offices of the National Toll Payment Services PLC  (NÚSZ Zrt.) can be seen via this link.

Our representatives are in continuous contact with our partners, and if needed, provide assistance in solving sales-related problems. In addition to sales, in connection with the different services, they handle daily problems related to road-use (transfers, incorrect licence plate number etc.). Czech, Austrian and Slovenian motorway vignettes are also available at our customer service offices.

Drivers’ comments, complaints, and suggestions are gathered primarily at our customer service offices. We employ specially trained employees to handle these issues. Specialists working on drafting government regulations pertaining to road usage rely on the feedback we receive each year.

Clients visiting our offices with complaints always receive prompt, polite and precise service. When communicating with clients – be it through personal, written or telephone correspondence – our customer service representatives abide by the following motto: "Do unto others as you would like others do unto you!"

In our Customer Service Office, you can choose from the below services as specified in Act 36/2007. (III.26.) of the GKM. With regard to the specific details of administration, please contact our customer service on the phone or in person, in our office. 

If you want to act through an authorized person while requesting the service you would like to use, the person acting on your behalf shall present your written authorization at our customer service. The template document found here may help you in preparing the authorization. 

In some cases (e.g. in case of transfer) it may be required to fill in a Statement of Waiver. You may use the template document found here for this.


If the title to the vehicle is transferred by its owner, or the legal relationship authorising the use thereof is terminated during the year, the validation of the rights may then be requested for another vehicle. In order to register the change in the registration number due to the transfer, the control slip received during the purchase shall be submitted or the receipt notification shall be presented; the registration papers of the new vehicle shall be presented to certify that the toll category of the vehicle is identical with the toll category of the previously authorized vehicle; the document evidencing the sale of the vehicle authorized by the district office of the capital’s government agency or the provincial office of the county government agency shall also be presented, as well as the document evidencing the termination of any other legal relationship authorizing the use of such vehicle, and the conclusive private document which certifies that the legal relationship authorizing the road use has been terminated.

If the operator of the two motor vehicles concerned is the same, then it shall be sufficient for the certification of the registration of the change in registration number due to the transfer of motor vehicle ownership to present the original control slip and the registration certificates of the two motor vehicles concerned. The transfer fee, inclusive of VAT, shall be 1,470 HUF.

Change of registration number

If the car's registration number is changed, the NÚSZ Zrt.will transfer the authorisation to the new registration number on request. The regulations applying to this process are similar to those described in the previous paragraph, except that the fact of registration number change must be certified.

Theft / write-off

If the motor vehicle is stolen or wrecked (written off), the customer service office of NÚSZ Zrt. shall issue a new control coupon confirming the purchase of the authorisation, identical in toll category and validity term with the previous one, after presentation of a certificate issued by the police or the insurance company. If available, the control slip testifying the purchase of the original rights or the receipt notification must also be presented. The transfer fee, inclusive of VAT, shall be 1,470 HUF.

Incorrect toll category  / change of category

In the event of establishing an incorrect toll category, it may be amended by NÚSZ Zrt.’s customer service offices to the correct toll category within the validity period. Any difference in toll shall be payable or reimbursable. The registration documents of the vehicle must be presented in the course of this procedure in order to allow for the correct establishment of the toll category. The registration number registered for the newly issued rights for the appropriate toll category shall be identical with the original registration number, as testified by the vehicle registration documents. Correcting the toll category after imposing the surcharge shall not exempt the obligor from payment of the surcharge imposed previously. The fee for correcting the category, inclusive of VAT, shall be 1,470 HUF.

Incorrect licence plate number

If wrong registration number is provided - up until 3 wrong digits - it is possible to record the correct registration number at our Customer Service. During the procedure, the registration of the vehicle and the confirmation slip verifying the purchase shall be presented. The fee of new registry is HUF 1 470 per character. In this case, the right shall be related to the amended registration number for the full length of the term.

Certification of  authorisation

If the control slip or the confirmation message testifying the purchase of the rights have been destroyed, lost or damaged, the certification of the existence of the rights can be requested. For this purpose, the vehicle registration documents shall be presented at the NÚSZ Zrt. customer service office. Such a certificate may be issued only for the registration number and validity indicated in the registration papers of the vehicle. The fee for this service, inclusive of VAT, shall be 1,470 HUF.

Vignette purchased twice, erroneously

If more than one authorisation was purchased for the same vehicle and for the same time period (partially or fully), the extra authorisation can be bought back from the buyer or be transferred to another registration number, or – if the authorisation is valid for less than a year – the validity period can be changed to a later date, for the same vehicle. If the start dates or the validity periods of the two or more road use authorisations are not identical, the authorisation shall be bought back only if the validity period has not yet started or, if it has already started, the other authorisation was valid throughout its whole validity. The service fee, inclusive of VAT, shall be 1,470 HUF.


In case of advance purchase and before the validity term, the authorisation can be redeemed. The following documents needed: the registration documents of the vehicle, receipt notification or control slip. Assuming that the validity term has already started, the redemption is only possible if the owner of the vehicle buys the authorisation for time period between the beginning of the validity term and the date of the redemption. The transfer fee, inclusive of VAT, shall be 1,470 HUF.

The following purchase options are availabel in our customer services offices


  • Forint

  • Euro
    (In our customer service office and sales points, we apply the following exchange rate: 1 EUR = 285 HUF. If you would like to pay with EUR, besides the published exchange rate, please keep in mind that the largest acceptable note is the 200 EUR note and the smallest acceptable coin is the 1 EUR coin. Change is only given in HUF.) 


  • Visa, Visa Elektron

  • Maestro

  • Master Card

  • EuroShell

Other payment method

  • ITS-Balaton Card (During the validity period of the check book, it can be used to pay for 50% of the price of one D1 weekly authorization! The customer may pay the remaining amount with cash.)

  • Hungary Card (During the validity period of the discount, a one-time discount of HUF 1,500 from the price of a D1 category weekly, monthly or regional e-vignette. The customer may pay the remaining amount with cash.)

Bank transfer 

  • For detailed information, please contact our Call Center: +36 (36) 587-500