E-vignettes also required on the humanitarian corridor

On 4 July 2020 a humanitarian corridor was opened for foreign nationals who are prohibited from travelling into Hungary pursuant to the provisions of the decree on travel restrictions in the epidemiological emergency period.

The foreign nationals concerned may only enter and exit the country through the specified border crossing points, cannot deviate from the specified routes and may only use the designated rest areas and fuelling stations.

The use of toll roads designated as the humanitarian corridor is not free of charge, and as such the appropriate e-vignettes must be purchased prior to driving on to the given road sections.

NTPS Plc. recommends the use of the ematrica.nemzetiutdij.hu website for purchasing e-vignettes. The site allows for all data to be entered at the same time, which the buyer is able to check themselves in order to avoid errors, while the purchase receipt (counterfoil/confirmation message) does not need to be retained and no convenience fee is payable.

Information on the border crossing points, rest areas and fuelling stations that may be used for transiting – as specified on 3 July 2020 – is available HERE.