Excess charge

Amounts of the excess charge

HUF 14,875HUF 66,925within 30 days
HUF 59,500HUF 267,700over 30 days


A road-use authorization is invalid:

  • if the road use authorization was purchased for the wrong category; i.e. an additional trailer is towed by a bus with a Category B2 authorization (instead of B2+U), or a Category D1 weekly or monthly authorization was purchased for a passenger car for 8 or more persons instead of Category D2;
  • if the registration number and/or the country code indicated on the control slip or in the confirming notification is not identical with the actual registration number and/or country code of the vehicle;
  • if the vignette has expired, or the validity period has not yet started;
  • if the registration number indicated on the voucher or in the confirmation message is not identical to the actual registration number of the vehicle;
  • if you have an annual authorization for a given county but you do not use it between the junctions specified in the decree, i.e. you use the toll road network of another county.


Information for transfer of excess charge

Name of account holder and account number: National Toll Payment Services Plc
Account number: 10402142-49555557-57541179
For international wire transfers: KERESKEDELMI ÉS HITELBANK
IBAN: HU58 10402142-49555557-57541179
Code of cost bearer: OUR / BEN

In the comments box:

  • the word ”Pótdíj” (excess charge),
  • the serial number of the report taken during the inspection or the identification code of the payment notice in the event of an electronic inspection, date of inspection,
  • toll category (D1, B2).


Excess charge procedure of vehicles with a foreign country code

The NTPS Plc collects the amount of excess charges which have been imposed on vehicles with a foreign country code which used the Hungarian toll road network without an e-vignette or with an inappropriate e-vignette with the help of foreign partner offices. If there is no agreement with the relevant countries, our company does not have a direct access to the records with the help of which the owners or operators of the relevant vehicles could be identified based on their registration number. Therefore, the NTPS Plc uses the services of unincorporated entities which have a direct access to the records of the relevant country. Currently our Company has a contractual agreement with 3 offices, and due to the contribution of these offices, excess charge procedures can be performed in 22 countries.

However, it should be highlighted that the regulations of Decree 36/2007 (III.26.) of the Ministry of Economy and Transport (hereinafter: Toll Decree) and Decree 37/2007 (III.26.) of the Ministry of Economy and Transport are also applicable for vehicles with a foreign country code, similarly to vehicles with a Hungarian country code. So the NTPS Plc tries its best to be able to execute the excess charge payment obligations described in the Toll Decree in the case of foreign vehicles as well.

During the procedure, the unincorporated entities with which a collection agreement has been concluded use the basic data made available for them to query the ownership data of the relevant vehicles, then they send a payment notice letter and collect the excess charge on behalf of the NTPS Plc. In the course of the enforcement of claims in another country, the unincorporated entities with which a collection agreement has been concluded send a notice letter regarding the amount of excess charge due for NTPS Plc, as well as regarding every other administration cost related to their collection which was determined in a contract or in the legal regulations of the relevant country (such as costs regarding data query, mailing, communication, office administration, collection or occasionally legal cases). Administration costs always meet the regulations determined by the laws of the relevant country.

In addition to collecting the excess charge, our partners – in accordance with the Toll Decree – also provide information about the management of e-vignettes with an incorrect registration number or country code (due to typo), as well as about the maximization of excess charges, if the necessary documents are available for the clients.

In connection with the administration of excess charges imposed on vehicles with a foreign country code, the owner or the operator can of course contact the Call Center service or the customer service offices of NTPS Plc as well. However, it is important to know that our clients are not exempted from paying the costs of the contribution, even in the case of excess charges directly paid to our Company, and unincorporated entities with which a collection agreement has been concluded may submit a claim for collecting these costs.

The list of partner offices can be read here>>.