Foreign Vignettes

In the Customer Service Offices of the National Toll Payment Service, you can also purchase Czeck,  Slovenian and Austrian highway vignettes. 

Slovenian vignette

Annual vignettes shall be valid for a period of from 1st December of the previous year to 31st January of the following year (14 months). Weekly vignettes shall be valid for 7 days from the date indicated by the customer. Monthly vignettes shall be valid from the date of puchase (pre-purchase not possible) until the same date of the following month (if there is no such month, until the last day of the following month). Bi-annual vignettes shall be vaild for a period of 6 months from the date of purchase, and can only be purchased for motorcycles.






HUF 3 000

HUF 12 000 (bi-annual)

HUF 22 000

 2A | Passenger vehicle (<3.5t, <1.3 m first axle)

HUF 6 000

HUF 12 000 (monthly)

HUF 44 000

 2B | Passenger vehicle (<3.5t, <1.3 m first axle)

HUF 12 000

HUF 24 000 (monthly)

HUF 88 000

Austrian highway vignettes*

10-day vignettes shall be valid for 10 consecutive days from a selected date, 2-month vignettes shall be valid for 2 months after the date of issue and annual vignettes shall be valid from 1st December of the previous year to 31st January of the following year. Mobile homes and trailers do not need a separate ticket. 

On 1st January 2004, an electronic collection system proportinate to use was introduced for vehicles over 3.5 total weight. For this, buses and vehicles running on paid roads have to have an on-board equipment (Go-Box), which allows for collection.






HUF 2 110

HUF 5 320 

HUF 14 030 

 Passenger vehicle (<3.5t)

HUF 3 640

HUF 10 630

HUF 35 350

* prices specified by ASFINAG, the Austrian Highway Authority.

Slovakian e-vignette

We would like to inform our customers that as of January 1, 2016, an e-vignette toll collection system was introduced in Slovakia. Currently it is not possible to purchase Slovakian e-vignettes at the customer services of the NTPS Plc. You can find further information on the website of the Slovakian toll collector, where a purchase is also possible.

The Czech e-vignette

Please be informed that, on 1 January 2021, an e-vignette toll system was introduced in the Czech Republic. The Czech e-vignettes currently cannot be purchased at NTPS Customer Service offices. You can find more information and purchase e-vignettes here.

In order to inquire about up-to-date foreign motorway fees you can call the following number from Hungary and from abroad in Hungarian 24/7, in English every day, and in German on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.: +36 (36) 587-500.