New customer service office in Budapest for the benefit of motorists

Based on the experience gained last year in connection with changes in the e-vignette system, and taking customer demands into consideration, National Toll Payment Services Plc decided to open a new customer service office in Budapest, in the South-Pest area. Opening the new office means that from now on, in a network covering the whole country, 18 customer service offices of NTPS will offer services to customers who want to purchase e-vignettes, pay road toll in the HU-GO system, or take care of issues that require them to personally visit an office.

On 12 January, a ribbon-cutting ceremony saw the opening of NTPS’s new customer service office in South-Pest, located adjacent to the Lőrinc Centre and a MOL fuel station, at Üllői út 663. The office has been established in a small office building that previously functioned as a bank branch, with the aim to provide customer-friendly environment and high-quality services to customers living in Budapest and its surroundings, whose number has increased recently due to the introduction of regional vignettes.



“Last year’s changes in the e-vignette system have had significant impact on people’s transportation and toll payment routine. The favorably-priced regional vignettes have drawn hundreds of thousands of users into the system through making toll roads, which offer a faster, more comfortable and safer way of transportation, more attractive to motorists who previously preferred parallel main roads or lower-level roads. Based on the regional distribution of vignette sales and the results of customer satisfaction surveys we found it reasonable to open a new customer service office that is available using public transport, and is equally easy to access from the city centre, the eastern sector of M0, Road 4 and M5”, explained Tibor Börzsei, CEO of National Toll Payment Services Plc.

“In 2015 we had nearly half a million customer contacts, half of which took place in our customer service offices. Providing an opportunity for customers to buy Hungarian and foreign motorway vignettes, take care of issues that require them to personally visit an office for data protection reasons, and pay excess charges, will strengthen the role of NTPS’s own customer service offices”, said Lajos Kibédi-Varga, spokesperson of National Toll Payment Services Plc.



As a member of the MFB Group, National Toll Payment Services Plc seeks to provide high-quality customer services. The opening of the new office also serves this purpose, as from now on 3 customer service offices in Budapest and its surroundings await customers who need to take care of issues that, due to data protection, require them to visit an office personally. The available services will include, among other things, the settlement of e-vignette excess charges, group purchase, the correction of wrong registration numbers, and transfer as well.