NTPS Plc. temporarily suspends its in-person customer service

In order to support the protection against the coronavirus outbreak, and to preserve the health of its clients and employees, National Toll Payment Services Plc. (NTPS Plc.) suspends its in-person customer service from 15 March 2020 until 8 June 2020, and requests its clients to initiate any administrative procedure via telephone or online.

Among others, fine maximisation and payment in instalments can currently be requested, but in case certain well-defined conditions are met, it is also possible to correct a mistyped car registration number, to modify the country code or to handle matters concerning number plate changes. NTPS Plc. kindly requests its clients to make a phone call or contact the company online if they have any other matters to be handled. The company will get in touch with all clients via the contact details provided by them.

The NTPS Call Centre is available both from Hungary and abroad by calling the following telephone number: +36 (36) 587-500. The company’s operators answer the calls in Hungarian around the clock every day, in English from 8 am to 4 pm every day, and in German from 8 am to 4 pm on business days. If you want to inform NTPS Plc. via e-mail about your intent to use the company’s customer services, please write to ugyfel@nemzetiutdij.hu in matters concerning the e-vignette system, and to ugyfel@hu-go.hu in cases relating to HU-GO electronic tolls. The company’s postal address is: National Toll Payment Services Plc., 1380 Budapest, Pf.: 1170.

NTPS Plc. hereby calls your attention to the fact that the temporary suspension of in-person customer service does not exempt the clients from the responsibility for administration and the payment of road use authorization.

NTPS Plc. recommends the use of the website ematrica.nemzetiutdij.hu for purchasing e-vignettes, and the website hu-go.hu for paying HU-GO e-tolls.

Detailed information about customer services can be found on NTPS Plc.’s website: http://toll-charge.hu/articles/article/customer-services