The sanction against unauthorised road use is public administrative penalty, which is imposed by the police. The penalty may be imposed in two ways:

- on-site by stopping the road user during the control and imposing the penalty on the driver.

- without stopping the road user on-site, based on the principle of objective liability, imposed on the owner/operator registered for the vehicle

In addition to the above, control and sanctioning functions are also performed at the border-crossing checkpoints. The penalty imposed without stopping can be collected retrospectively; i.e. when the unauthorised road user returns to Hungary.

Offence according to the Toll ActRate of penalty for vehicle categories (HUF)
Default of toll payment before beginning the road usage140000150000165000
Toll declaration made for a lower toll category than the actual toll category80 00090 000110000
Unauthorised road usage due to the breakdown of the on-board unit140000150000165000