The price and the validity period of authorizations for the categories D1, D2, B2 and U will not change from January 1, 2017.


E-vignette schedule

E-vignette schedule valid from 01.01.2017.









D1M (motorcycles)L3e; L4e; L5e; L7eHUF 1,470---
D1 (motorcycles, ≤ 3,5 t automibiles for up to 7 persons and their trailers)M1HUF 2,975HUF 4,780HUF 42,980HUF 5,000
D2 (automobiles not included in category D1, for more than 7 persons, ≤ 3,5 t cargo vehicles and campers)
M1, N1
HUF 5,950HUF 9,560HUF 42,980HUF 10,000
U (trailers of vehicles in categories D2 and B2)O1, O2HUF 2,975HUF 4,780HUF 42,980HUF 5,000
B2 (Bus)M2, M3HUF 13,385HUF 21,975HUF 199,975HUF 20,000

The tolls are gross amounts, inclusive of VAT.

Monthly and annual national and annual regional  e-vignettes for motorcycles are available for prices in the D1 category.

*The National Toll Payment Services (NTPS) Plc. will only sell national annual e-vignettes which are valid for 2017 in its own customer service offices from October 1, 2017, not through its reseller network. However, it will still be possible to purchase regional annual e-vignettes and to pre-purchase monthly e-vignettes at every reseller partner of NTPS. 


Vehicle categories

The vehicle category of the motor vehicle must be always be given based on the official entry as it appears in the vehicle registration certificate (maximum permissible gross weight of the motor vehicle and the number of passengers allowed). The seating capacity of a vehicle must be determined on the basis of the official entry appearing in the registration certificate (S.1. – Number of seats, including the driver’s seat) rather than on the basis of the number of seats actually seen in the vehicle.


D1 vehicle category

motorcycles, as well as passenger cars with a maximum permissible gross weight of 3.5 tons and for up to 7 persons including the driver of the passenger car, and their trailers;

D2 vehicle category

all passenger cars not included in category D1 (which, for example, are allowed to transport more than 7 persons), as well as cargo vehicles of a maximum permissible gross weight of 3.5 tons and campers;

B2 vehicle category

buses – motor vehicles for the purpose of transportation of passengers, having more than 9 permanent seats, including the seat of the driver;

Vehicle category U

trailers of vehicles in vehicle categories D2 and B2, for which authorization must be purchased for the registration number of the trailer in any case.