Redundant regional e-vignettes can also be refunded electronically until 15th March

The decree on motorway tolls finalized based on the January test period enters into force on 1st February. One of the most important provisions is that drivers who would like to return their redundant vignettes because of the new legislation have the opportunity to do this electronically, in person or by post. Another new rule is that contrary to the old provision in case of unauthorized road use detected between 1 January 2015 and 31 January 2015, drivers who buy the regional or national e-vignette for the respective road before the end of February are exempt from paying the excess charge and the HUF 1470 service fee. For further details on the regulation, please visit

Due to the finalization of the rules relating to the use and territorial validity of regional vignettes and exemption from toll payment of certain expressways, all regional e-vignettes purchased between December 31 2014 and January 31 2015 and only used on road sections and which are toll-free as of February 1 2015 again, or vignettes that became redundant due to the revision of the territorial scope of the validity of regional e-vignettes can be returned. Regional e-vignettes can be returned between 1 February 2015 and 15 March 2015 electronically, or in person in the nationwide customer services offices of NTPS Plc in 17 locations, or by post.

Following the entry into force, redundant e-vignettes can be returned electronically by completing and submitting the claim form under menu item „Redemption Of Regional E-Vignettes” on the website Drivers choosing the personal or postal administration can submit their claim for refund by filling in the form that can be downloaded from the website or received in the customer service offices. The removal of entitlement can be initiated electronically, or in person by the operator or a lawful user of the vehicle, but only the vehicle operators may proceed with the postal procedure. The administrative procedure requires the control slip, or receipt notification (e.g. text message, e-mail), the registration certificate of the vehicle and the completion of the claim form.

Before the return, it is worth considering that the refund of the price of the e-vignette implies the termination of road use rights for the entire validity period, which means that drivers who used sections of the motorway within the county other than the sections becoming toll-free, or used sections within the relevant county that are out of the validity of the respective returned e-vignette and may not be used with vignettes valid for the neighboring counties as per the amendment of the scope of validity of e-vignettes as of 1 February may be subject to excess charges.

Pursuant to the transitional provision, car drivers who used any roads subject to toll payment between January 1 2015 and January 31 2015 in an unauthorized way, shall be exempted not only from the payment of excess charges, but also from the usually applied service fee of HUF 1,470 provided they purchase before 28 February an annual regional, or annual national vignette valid for the location of the unauthorized road use. Drivers receiving penalty notices may arrange cases by post, or in person in the customer service offices of National Toll Payment Services Plc (in 17 offices nationwide).

Out of the 17 customer service offices operated by NTPS Plc across the country with the usual opening hours, the return of regional e-vignettes is also supported with mobile toll control vehicles for offices located on the M3 km 12 in Budapest, and in Budaörs, Székesfehérvár, Szombathely and Dunaújváros.