Toll-free sections

From 1 January 2017 the following road sections can be used toll free:

          •  the following sections of the M0 expressway:

              o  the section between Main Road 1 and the M5 motorway,

              o  the section between expressway M4 (sign of expressway 4) and Motorway M3,

              o  Megyeri Bridge (the section between Main Road 2 and Main Road 11).

          •  the M31 motorway,

          •  the Pécs south-west loop section of the M60 motorway between roads no. 58 and 5826,

          •  the M8 motorway,

          •  the M9 expressway on its section between Main Road 6 and Main Road 51,

          •  the Kaposvár loop section of M9 expressway (sign of Main Road 61),

          •  expressway M4 (sign of Main Road 4) on the section between Vecsés and the road leading to Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport.