Typical user errors – useful information

Category D2-D1 error

Our experience shows that one of the most frequent errors is that category D1 road use authorization is purchased for category D2 vehicles. According to the applicable regulations, it is considered unauthorized road use and shall result in penalty. Toll categories can be identified by the official marks in the registration certificate (fields J and S.1) and further details are included in the table at www.toll-charge.hu website.

If you entered the wrong category, you can have it corrected personally at the customer service offices of NTPS by paying the HUF 1470 service fee and the difference in the toll paid or reimbursed. The registration number registered for the newly issued authorization for the appropriate toll category shall be identical with the original registration number, as certified by the registration certificate of the vehicle. Correcting the toll category after imposing the excess charge shall not exempt the obligor from payment of the excess charge imposed previously.

D2-B2 toll category error

Another common user error is that operators of smaller buses (for 15 persons) do not know what category their vehicle belongs to and erroneously purchase road use authorization for D1 or D2 category. According to the Toll Decree, it is considered unauthorized road use and shall result in penalty. 

Wrong registration number

The Toll Decree clearly states that the motorist is responsible for verifying the accuracy of the data entered prior to paying for the e-vignette. In the case of purchases in person, motorists confirm the correctness of the data by signing the receipt and online purchases are confirmed by the reply text message.

The regulation allows motorists to correct the registration number after the purchase up to 3 characters. This requires the motorist to visit one of the customer service offices of NTPS, present the registration certificate of the motor vehicle as well as the control slip and receipt notification certifying the purchase of the authorization, and pay the HUF 1470 service fee per character as stipulated by the law. In this case, the authorization shall be valid for the modified registration number for the full length of the term and the excess charge previously levied shall no longer apply.

New toll category “U”

Category D2 and B2 (buses) vehicles are required to pay separately for the road use of their trailers on toll roads. In other words, if the bus is towing a trailer, the operator must purchase both a B2 and a U category road use authorization. Category U authorizations must be always purchased for the registration number of the trailer.

No separate e-vignette is required for trailers towed by passenger cards (D1).

If the trailer is towed by a 9-person minibus, a category D2 e-vignette must be purchased for the registration number of the minibus and a category U e-vignette for that of the trailer. 

Subsequent purchase

Another common error is when the motorist purchases the e-vignette subsequently. The law clearly states that e-vignettes must always be purchased in advance, prior to entering the toll road section. Therefore, if the e-vignette is purchased after the vehicle enters the toll road section, even if a few minutes later, it is considered unauthorized road use and shall result in a penalty. Control cameras can immediately determine (based on the registration number) if the vehicle passing by has a valid e-vignette.