Toll category typical user fault

New vehicle categories are as follows: Vehicle category D2: automobiles for more than 7 persons including the driver, and cargo vehicles and campers of a maximum permissible gross weight of 3.5 tons. Vehicle category U: trailers of vehicles in categories D2 and B2.

Outage of the HU-GO system from 11 PM on June 6, 2015 to 4 AM on June 7, 2015

Dear Customer! The National Toll Payment Services Plc announces unavailability of the whole HU-GO electronic toll system from 11 PM on June 6, 2015 to 4 AM June 7, 2015.

Please pay attention to the below points

According to the experiences gained since the amendment of the decree on motorway charges, we can say that the majority of drivers have purchased their e-vignettes under the new regulation with due care. However, there are some who made their purchases according to the previous rules, thus, even if involuntarily, they acted incorrectly. The NTPS aims at promoting the lawful behavior, therefore, they would like to raise the attention to typical mistakes made by users by way of their information activity.

Redundant regional e-vignettes can also be refunded electronically until 15th March

The decree on motorway tolls finalized based on the January test period enters into force on 1st February. One of the most important provisions is that drivers who would like to return their redundant vignettes because of the new legislation have the opportunity to do this electronically, in person or by post. Another new rule is that contrary to the old provision in case of unauthorized road use detected between 1 January 2015 and 31 January 2015, drivers who buy the regional or national e-vignette for the respective road before the end of February are exempt from paying the excess charge and the HUF 1470 service fee. For further details on the regulation, please visit