About us

Our mission

Our mission is to ensure that users of the Hungarian public road network find our toll collection services useful, high-quality and valuable. We also work hard to contribute, through our innovative solutions, to the development of transport in Hungary, and thereby the country’s economic and social development. We also strive to secure our leading role and achieve an even better position in the region.

Our vision

Thanks to our high-quality toll collection services our Company plays, from the point of view of the national economy, a major role among the state-owned corporations. Our solid market position is the result of some newly added functions implemented using development funds and conducted in the infrastructure of the toll system. This allows us to operate a diversified, cost-effective and successful system that is able to develop and to provide full support to the strategic goals of the Hungarian society. Our excellence is acknowledged by the feedbacks from our users’ representatives and the professional community.

We continually develop our activities and technological systems so that they are able to provide further integrated services.

In our sales and supervisory network, besides striving for cost-effectiveness and efficiency, we work hard to maintain and continuously develop our public relations up to the highest standard.

Innovation being one of our core values, not only we implement and apply cutting-edge information technology solutions, but we also focus on being customer-oriented, a goal that we ensure by implementing a high-standard teamwork, a network of trustworthy and reliable subcontractors and an open internal and external communication. Our main assets are our highly skilled, competent and motivated staff of professionals and their excellent managers who are leading our Company towards further successes.

In all circumstances, our activities are conducted in full integrity, accountability and transparency; our environmental impact is continuously monitored and we strive to minimize our environmental load as far as possible. 

From 1 November 2013, the State Motorway Management Company Ltd. (SMMC) will continue its operation with a changed scope of activities.

Pursuant to Government Decree 1600/2013. (IX. 3.), based on Act CLXVI of 2013 on the transfer of public road management tasks, the Hungarian Public Road Non-profit Ltd. (MK Zrt.) took over the public road management activities of the State Motorway Management Company Ltd. As a result of the sector handover, the name and scope of activities of the SMMC Ltd. have changed from 1 November 2013. In results, the new name of the organization is National Toll Payment Services Private Company Limited By Shares  Accordingly, the SMMC Ltd. handed over, together with its assets and employees, in a ceremony of a free of charge sector handover, the management and maintenance activities of the expressway network, to the MK Zrt. Following the handover of the duties, SMMC Ltd. will conduct its activities in connection with the national expressway and main route network of toll collection, penalty collection, and toll inspection in the e-vignette system, and toll collection, universal toll service provider, and toll inspection support activities in the e-toll system. After the name modification of the SMMC Ltd., the company's new name is National Toll Payment Services Private Company Limited By Shares.

If you wish to find information about current traffic information, road conditions, web cameras, traffic maps or route planning, please call Útinform at +36-1-336-24-00 or visit the www.utinform.hu web site.

If you wish to find information about public road management contributions, route permits, public road tender invitations, traffic rate data, and technical regulations, please call the Hungarian Public Road Non-profit Ltd. at +36-1-819-90-00 or visit the www.kozut.hu web site.

You can find information about the toll road network of the e-vignette and the e-toll systems at the Network item in the menu.