Changes to the GTC for e-toll customers

The most important changes to the general terms and conditions of NTPS Plc. (hereinafter referred to as GTC), which will come into force on 3 February 2019, are described below.

The terms used in the contract have changed considerably.

The new GTC has set out the rights and obligations of road users (contracted toll payers) and NTPS Plc. in a clearer and more transparent manner. While the partial rules concerning route tickets were previously scattered across the GTC, the modified version now presents them in one and the same section.

The rules on post-payment, which were previously described in separate documents, are now included in the general terms and conditions.

Such modifications shall be without prejudice to the rights and obligations of road users.

The terms and conditions now include the additional services provided by NTPS Plc. free of charge (e.g. low balance notifications or the so-called fine alerts) in a separate section.

The data protection rules have been modified repeatedly, taking into account the provisions of the GDPR.

The rules concerning the settlement of the toll balance upon the closure of an account have also been modified.

Pursuant to one of the changes affecting road users, upon registration to the HU-GO system, NTPS Plc. may require the submission of proofs concerning the data provided, examine them and modify the data accordingly if clearly justified by the content of the data report.

In practice, this means that upon the provision of a vehicle's emission class, the system may require the provision of additional data and/or the uploading of a copy of the vehicle registration certificate or an equivalent official document to the online portal.

Such documents are required exclusively for validating the emission class specified in the data form. NTPS Plc. shall not use such data for any other purpose. Upon failure to upload the required data, NTPS Plc. shall be entitled to establish the emission class of the vehicles based on the available data. Nevertheless, later on, road users may request its modification anytime.

The new rules will come into force on 3 February 2019. Click here>> to access the new GTC.