E-vignette rates

E-vignette vehicle category



Weekly (10-day)





HUF 1,530

HUF 2,600

HUF 44,660

HUF 5,200


HUF 3,640

HUF 4,970

HUF 44,660

HUF 5,200


HUF 7,270

HUF 9,930

HUF 44,660

HUF 10,390


HUF 16,100

HUF 22,830

HUF 207,770

HUF 20,780


HUF 3,640

HUF 4,970

HUF 44,660

HUF 5,200

The e-vignette rates are valid from 01.01.2021. All rates shown in the table are inclusive of VAT.
*Annual national and regional e-vignettes for motorcycles are available as vehicle category D1 products.

Pursuant to a major change, as of the beginning of 2019 trailer authorizations (vehicle category U) can be purchased for vehicles in category D2 or B2 (besides the D2 or B2 authorization). This will benefit motorists, who can now use the e-vignette of category U purchased for the towing vehicle to tow any trailer.

Vehicle categories

The amount of the fee depends on the vehicle category determined on the basis of the vehicle type and technical specifications as listed in the official entry appearing in the vehicle registration certificate or any other certified document issued for the vehicle:

Vehicle category D1

Motorcycles and passenger cars for up to 7 persons with a maximum authorized mass of 3.5 tons and their trailers.

Vehicle category D2

All motor vehicles that do not belong to any other vehicle category and do not qualify as motor vehicles subject to toll payment under a separate law.

Vehicle category B2

Buses: motor vehicles for the purpose of transportation of passengers, having more than 9 permanent seats, including the driver seat.

Vehicle category U

Any trailers of vehicles in categories D2 and B2.



Toll sections may only be used with a valid road use authorization, i.e. you need to purchase the e-vignette before you enter the toll section. If you purchase the e-vignette within the validity period, the validity always starts at the time of purchase (day/hour/minute). Bona fide road users mistakenly entering the toll road network have 60 minutes from the entry to purchase road use authorization.