Toll exemption

Section 2 (1) of Decree 36/2007 (III. 26.) of the Ministry of Economy and Transport (GKM) on the tolls payable for the use of motorways, expressways and main roads (hereinafter: GKM Decree) lists the vehicles that can use toll sections free of charge.


Pursuant to Section 2 (1) of the GKM Decree, the following vehicles shall be exempt from fees:

  1. motor vehicles operated by the Hungarian Defence Forces, the Parliamentary Guard, and the law enforcement agencies of Hungary,
  2. motor vehicles operated by foreign armed forces or international military organizations stationed or serving in, or passing through Hungary,
  3. motor vehicles run by the road operator managing the relevant toll sections and performing operator tasks,
  4. motor vehicles with registration numbers issued in Hungary and entitled to use emergency lights and sirens, regardless whether such signals are on when driving on the toll section, and
  5. motor vehicles operated by the transport authority and performing roadside inspection,
  6. motor vehicles operated by toll enforcement organizations and performing toll enforcement functions,
  7. motor vehicles ordered to perform transportation tasks in crisis situations caused by mass migration,
  8. on the basis of the principle of reciprocity, motor vehicles operated by the diplomatic corps of countries that grant the same exemption to vehicles operated by the Hungarian diplomatic corps.

It is important to note that those entitled above may only use the toll sections free of charge when driving motor vehicles whose registration numbers have been submitted in writing or electronically to and registered by the deputy state secretariat of the Ministry of the Interior responsible for registrations (BM NYHÁT). Exemption from toll payment is valid until 31 January of the following year and subject to renewal each year. The entities entitled to toll exemption shall notify any change in their toll-exempt vehicles without delay.


How to notify toll exemption

  1. Exemption is registered upon request by the transport administration authority (Office of Government Issued Documents, Government Customer Service) or BM NYHÁT. Toll exemption must be notified in advance either in person at the Office of Government Issued Documents or the Government Customer Service, or by email/regular mail sent to BM NYHÁT.

    Those eligible for exemption shall submit a written application to any Office of Government Issued Documents or Government Office, or BM NYHÁT. Applications to be submitted to BM NYHÁT shall be sent by email to kozlekedesi.foosztaly@bm.gov.hu or by regular mail to 1097 Budapest, Vaskapu u. 30/b. The entities eligible for exemption must submit an application that includes the vehicle’s registration number, the exact legal basis for exemption and a document as proof of eligibility.
  1. The entities eligible for exemption under Section 2 (1) a) of the GKM Decree shall register the vehicles eligible for exemption with direct access and within their own competence via the user interface provided by BM NYHÁT.


Important information

Our Company can only rely on the BM NYHÁT database to verify the toll exemption of vehicles and, due to the closed operating logic of the system, verification based on visual inspection or vehicle registration certificates is not possible. Consequently, the organizations eligible for toll exemption but failing to comply with their obligation to notify exemption may receive a payment notice if their vehicles enter toll sections.

The Toll Decree, of course, allows for subsequent correction, i.e. deleting the fine imposed on the vehicle. This, however, requires proof of eligibility for toll exemption and payment of a one-time procedural fee required by law, which is due within the 90-day limitation period from the date the payment notice is received.


Discount for large families and people with reduced mobility

After prior notification, large families and people with reduced mobility are eligible for partial toll exemption, i.e. they can use the toll road network with their passenger car in vehicle category D2 by purchasing a D1 e-vignette.


Conditions for partial toll-exemption

  • The passenger car classified into vehicle category D2 should be owned or operated by a person receiving family allowance for at least 3 children, or by a person holding a parking certificate for persons with reduced mobility or their relative living in the same household.
  • Partial toll exemption applies exclusively to the motor vehicle that, based on the notification by the operator, is registered by the transport administration authority, and is valid only for the period during which it is registered as eligible for partial exemption.


Additional information

  • Large families’ eligibility for a discount is valid until 31 January of the year following the year of registration, and the e-vignettes can be used according to the validity periods (weekly/10-day, monthly, annual) determined in the Toll Decree. In other words, the notification required for purchasing e-vignettes at a discount should be renewed each year.
  • Those holding an ID for people with reduced mobility do not have to renew the notification. In their case, eligibility ceases when the parking certificate is revoked or through removal from the register.
  • The operator of the motor vehicle can apply such discount to a single registration number at a time.
  • Eligible people will become entitled to the discount before purchasing the vignette upon notification to the transport administration authority, after having been registered.
  • If a passenger car in category D2, which is eligible for a discount, has a trailer, the authorization for the trailer classified into category U should be purchased separately.
  • If the motorists planning to avail themselves of the discount fail to comply with the preliminary notification obligation, yet use the toll road network with a D1 vignette purchased for their vehicles classified into vehicle category D2 and request their registration for the discount later, the journeys made on the toll road network in category D1 prior to registration qualify as unauthorized road use, and may result in a fine payment notice.
  • Eligible users are exempted from the payment of the fine if they comply with their notification obligation within 90 days from the receipt of the fine payment notice, and officially inform NTPS Plc. about the registration, plus they pay the service fee (HUF 1,470) required by law within the same period.
  • All other discount-related issues shall be governed by the relevant decree.
  • As the information presented therein is not exhaustive, please contact the competent agencies for administrative details.