Last year, motorists benefited from the 60‑minute grace period on about 1.5 million occasions

The National Toll Payment Services Plc. (NTPS) has found that motorists using the motorways are increasingly benefiting from and are increasingly aware of the retroactive payment option, which means that there is no need to pay a fine.

The 60-minute rule, rolled out in January 2018, has fulfilled the expectations. The NTPS has found that motorists are increasingly benefiting from and are increasingly aware of the possibility of retroactive payment. The 60-minute grace period proved convenient in more than 1.4 million cases in 2019 as opposed to the 1.2 million occasions in 2018. Last year, the NTPS’s toll cameras registered 1,433,671 cases of unauthorised road use where motorists were not actually authorised to drive onto the motorway in a given moment but purchased the required e-vignette within the next 60 minutes and were thus relieved of the obligation to pay a fine.

In Hungary, toll road sections may not be used without a valid road use authorisation. In other words, you need to purchase an e-vignette before you drive onto the motorway. However, road users acting in good faith, who have driven on a toll section by mistake or did not have the time to buy the required e-vignette in advance, have up to 60 minutes, measured from entry, to pay the toll. Now, at the beginning of the year, the grace period may prove particularly convenient for motorists who have forgotten to renew their yearly e-vignette, having expired at the end of January, and only realise in the last moment, typically when already on the road, that they have forgotten to pay the toll.

“A substantial number of road users, both foreign and Hungarian, tend to purchase their e-vignettes retroactively. We have registered a growth of nearly 33 per cent in retroactive toll payments within 60 minutes among Hungarian road users, compared to 2018”, said NTPS CEO Tamás Bartal, then added: “If, on the motorway, you realise that you have forgotten to pay the toll, you are encouraged to stop at the first rest area to buy your e-vignette on the website.”