New online e-vignette scheduler to save money for drivers

National Toll Payment Services Plc. (NTPS) will soon halt the sale of annual national e-vignettes for 2018 at its resellers, as in the rest of the year drivers will be better off purchasing monthly e-vignettes. For that reason, NTPS is now helping drivers with an e-vignette scheduler free of charge. From now on, the online service offers drivers the monthly authorisations, which add up cheaper than the annual version, and automatically activates monthly e-vignettes on the dates pre-set by the buyer.

Annual national e-vignettes are always valid until the end of January next year, which in fact means that this type is worth purchasing until the end of summer, and as we are getting closer to the year end, buying monthly versions is easier on the pocket. However, sales numbers of NTPS Plc. and users’ habits show that there is a considerable demand for the annual e-vignette also in the second half of the year.

On the one hand, this is partly due to the sad misconception that annual e-vignettes are valid for one year from the date of purchase. On the other hand, drivers’ choices are often motivated by convenience. “Some clients do not want to bother with purchasing an e-vignette every month or are afraid that they will forget to buy it in time, so they prefer to play safe and stick to the annual e-vignette. We have developed a free-of-charge service specifically for them, through which we automatically activate their pre-purchased monthly e-vignettes until the end of the year, if they request so”, said Tamás Bartal, Chief Executive Officer of NTPS Plc.

So far this year, about 3,500 road users purchased the annual national e-vignette at a point in time when the monthly versions would have been more economical. By choosing the monthly e-vignettes, they could have saved a total of HUF 30 million.

In order that drivers would not pay more than needed, from 1 October 2018, NTPS Plc. will not allow its resellers to sell annual national e-vignettes. Buying such e-vignettes will only be possible at the company’s customer service offices and online sales interface (

According to the sales figures of NTPS Plc., drivers purchased almost 416,000 national annual e-vignettes in the first 9 months of 2018, which exceeds the 2017 level (358,000 e-vignettes) by more than 16 percent. This constituted a gross revenue of HUF 18 billion for the state budget so far this year.