Online and mobile purchase information

The National Toll Payment Services Private Company Limited By Shares (NÚSZ Zrt.) launched its virtual vignette sales system in the spring of 2006. In the beginning, motorists could purchase authorisation for road use through sending a text message; the range of available services was later extended by purchasing via the Internet or a phone call, and from 2007 spring, via bank card transactions using a mobile phone. These services offer a comfortable and safe alternative to the traditional method, as instead of sometimes having to queue at sales points, vignettes can be obtained within a couple of minutes.

We’d like to raise our client’s attention to the fact that if you would like to puchase the electronic sticker at retailers listed here, or using mobile applications or text messages, please contact the retailers themselves with regard to problems related to the purchased products. NÚSZ Zrt shall not be held liable for any damages arising from errors on the part of the retailersor any failures related to the transactions made with retailers selling the electronic stickers, which are not on the above-mentioned list.

The tables below contain information about the virtual payment options by service provider (in alphabetical order):

We would you to inform our customers who have transferred their phone numbers to a different carrier that you must make your call on the carrier code where you have transferred your phone number, otherwise you will not be able to use our service. 


 Product range

HU-GO route ticket sale, HU-GO balance top-upe-vignette sale

 Eligible individuals

anyone (bank card or balance is needed)

 Advance purchase


 Availability for foreigners

yes (in English language)

 Purchase process

detailed information

 Landline phone

+36 36 889 889