Route ticket purchase options

You can purchase your route tickets after logging in as a registered user. If you do not wish to register, you can purchase your road use authorisation in the form of one-time route ticket also. If you do not wish to register, you can plan your route using the route planning tools (kiosk or computer) available at the points of sale and customer service offices bearing the HU-GO logo.

You can purchase your one-time route ticket here:

Important information about route tickets:

  • They must be paid before beginning the road use!

  • They grant one-time road use authorisation for the specific route in one direction!

  • When purchasing a one-time route ticket or performing registration, the country code on the cargo vehicle’s registration number must be indicated!

If you are a non-registered user, the ticket you purchase is valid from the time of purchase until the end of the next calendar day. No refunds. If you are a registered user, you can purchase your prepaid ticket up to 30 calendar days prior to the beginning date of your route, and it is valid from midnight of the first day until midnight of the following day. Prepaid tickets purchased this way can be returned for a refund until midnight of the day before the beginning of the validity period.

If you return a prepaid ticket, the value of the ticket is credited to the balance of the registered user. 

Advantages of registration

  • Toll payment is simpler, faster and more convenient.

  • When purchasing a route ticket, the purchasing process is much simpler. Only registered users can return their route tickets for a refund.

  • Users can report their road use using an on-board unit only after registration.

  • Only registered users can pay the toll by charging it to their account balance.

  • When paying in advance, the balance on the customer’s current account may be transferred between the current accounts assigned to various vehicles.

  • You can pay the toll using various payment options.

You can register at the following link: 

Information about the importance of the correct datas of e-toll system registration or route ticket purchasing

We would like to provide you some important information regarding the use of the electronic toll collection system and to draw your attention to the importance of giving the precise data of your vehicle upon the registration/purchase. 

According to the relevant requirements, the extent of the payable toll is defined by the category of the road and the category (J2, J3, J4) and environmental classification of the vehicle. It is important that the basic data of the motor vehicle (registration number and country code) along with all other parameters that are relevant for the toll payment (vehicle category, environmental classification) must be given correctly by the user upon the purchase/registration. If your vehicles’ datas are not correct, you will get a penalty up to 110 000 HUF. 

The environmental classification of the motor vehicle plays an important role in the definition of the payable toll, therefore, it is important that the user gives this data precisely in addition to the vehicle category, during the purchase or the registration of the motor vehicle. The environmental classification of a motor vehicle must be established on the basis of the official entry that appears in the vehicle registration certificate. 

In light of the fact that in the autumn period increased control of road usage authorisation is expected, and the incorrect specification of the vehicle parameters (e.g. the environmental classification) affecting the toll payment may result in unauthorised road usage, we hereby recommend that you check the data of the motor vehicle that you registered, and that you pay special attention to the correctness of the aforementioned data.