Toll enforcement

Pursuant to Section 33/B (8) of the Road Transport Act, the entity authorized to enforce road use authorizations is National Toll Payment Services Plc. (hereinafter: Company). Our Company is committed to keeping the proportion of road users on the toll road network without road use authorization as low as possible.

The purchase of road use authorizations and compliance therewith is controlled based on license plate numbers. Lawful road use is verified via the electronic sales registry and the counterfoil. Upon electronic payment of the road toll (through text message, online portal, or mobile application), the confirmation message shall serve as proof of purchase. Please make sure to always carefully check the data provided before paying.

Should enforcement reveal that a vehicle lacks valid authorization for a given toll section, a surcharge for unauthorized road use shall be imposed, depending on the category of the vehicle. Valid road use authorization can be checked at any point of the toll road network, including rest areas connecting directly to toll roads, intersections accessible only from toll roads, and intersections leading exclusively onto or off from toll roads.

Payment of the toll is verified by NTPS Plc. stationary cameras, mobile toll verification units and mobile roadside inspection units.

Toll sections may only be used with a valid road use authorization, i.e. you need to purchase the e-vignette before you enter the toll section. Bona fide road users mistakenly entering the toll road network have up to 60 minutes from inspection to purchase road use authorization.

Our Company cannot take into consideration any justifications for unauthorized road use, and is legally unable to grant waivers.

No surcharge shall be imposed for road use on an otherwise toll section as long as the public road is closed for traffic or traffic is restricted along and diverted from such road, if the toll road section concerned has been designated as a diversion by the bodies under the Road Transport Act, and the road operator and the toll enforcement organization has been notified in advance or simultaneously where appropriate. Unless the body ordering the restriction or diversion provides notification to the contrary, vehicles without a road use authorization shall only use the toll road designated as a diversion between the point of entry to the toll section and the next exit to a road junction or, in the case of the closure of such exit to a road junction, the next open exit to a road junction along the toll road section concerned. The agency ordering the road closure or traffic restriction or diversion shall inform road users, by way of media service providers, about the toll road sections designated as a diversion as well as about the duration of the closure, restriction or diversion.

The expressway network of a given county may be used with a county vignette valid for the given county, in lieu of a valid national motorway vignette. The county e-vignette shall be valid until the first junction in the following county. However, if that junction is closed, the county e-vignette may be used to travel until the next exit.

Please note that the points of sale located on toll road sections do not serve the purpose of paying for the ongoing journey but that of making the purchase of road use authorizations for future journeys more convenient. Consequently, enforcement by mobile groups may also be performed at the points of sale located along toll road sections.

You can purchase your road use authorization in the following ways: